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We, being an Enterprise, have a distinct vision to support those aspirants irrespective of any organization or individual, who are seeking to establish themselves with their zeal to get recognized by the global society.

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Certification & Career Counseling

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Quality awareness is the most needed criteria to develop any business in most systematic way. An effective management system implementation is the basic to establish a strong business. The platform of a strong business set up does rely on Quality Management, Environmental Management and Management related to occupational health and safety. Apart from these, there are several management practices to support the growth of a business. The professionals, who support the organizations to establish these management practices are supposed to be knowledged enough. We, under this umbrella, provide training and support to those aspirants, who are interested to implement effective management practices across the organization globally. We technically support them to get post training globally recognized certification, which authenticate them to support industrial, non-industrial and project facilities to establish effective management practices across.

In parallel any organization intends to establish any management system is professionally supported by us.

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Lead Auditor Training on Management System

Offer Lead Auditor training on QMS - 2015, EMS 14001, OHSAS 18001 and issue of globally accepted successful completion/ attended training certificate.

Certification from IRCA

Provide post training guidance and assistance in becoming a certificated auditor from IRCA.

Certification Audit

Conduct certification audit for ISO 9001-2015, EMS- 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Certification of an organization

Offer services from start to end till award of certification to make the organization ready to get awarded with certification i.e. advising and assisting in implementation of audit recommendations.

Career Counseling

Provide career counseling to the aspirant by following a research based method. Conduct proven methodological Psychological Evaluated Assessment to decide the best career pathway. A scripted guidelines on recommendations and routine follow up to confirm the effective implementation towards establishing the best career for the aspirants.

Business Development Consulting

Business Development Managers are responsible for developing the business side of an organization. We provide this course where you will learn all the necessary methods, principles, approaches, and tools, to become a successful manager of a business or a small team.

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